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Create a luxurious hotel-style bedroom

Pair rich colours with textured accessories for a five-star feel.

Bedrooms in luxury hotels can be calm and collected or bold and bright, but one thing all of them have is balance and careful coordination. To create a sophisticated, elegant space, start with a base of two or three colours. Cool neutrals with rich tones like pewter, charcoal, lilac-grey and feathery white will define the space while creating a fabulous five-star feel.

For a dramatic look, paint one wall a deep, vibrant colour, like indigo blue, juicy plum, deep teal, citrus orange or cranberry red. These beautiful shades will create a cosy, intimate atmoshphere. Tie the look together with textured or patterned accessories, such as a rug made of natural materials (think sisal) or pleated bedding.

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