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How to make the most of leftover paint

Learn how to dispose of leftover paint in a safe and eco-friendly way.

1) Before you start painting, calculate how much paint you need to finish your project. Using less paint will help you save money and help protect the planet, too.

2) If you do have leftover paint, can you re-use it? Storing paint is easy if you keep the tins in a cool and dark area. If you only have a small amount left, pour the leftover paint into old jam jars and store in a safe, dry place.

Tip: Leftover whites? Mix them together and use as a base coat the next time you decorate.

3) Can someone else use it? You could give it to neighbours or friends, or perhaps a local school.

4) Don’t pour paint down a sink or drain and don’t put it outside with your normal rubbish. Call Oman Environmental Services Company (be’ah). They will help you dispose of paint without harming the environment.

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