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How to prepare your home for painters

Hired a painter? Prepare your home for the job.

1) Take down any photos, mirrors and other wall decorations and store them somewhere safe.

2) Move furniture and rugs. If you have the storage space, you should remove them completely. If that’s not possible, move them to the centre of the room. Your painter should bring protective plastic sheets to the job. Ask them before they arrive.

3) Remove curtains and blinds to protect them from paint splatters. This could be a good opportunity to clean them!

4) If you want to clean and fix the walls yourself, finish the day before the painters come so they can start straight away.

5) Vaccuum and mop the floors. That will remove the dust so it doesn’t blow onto wet paint.

6) Check again to make sure you have enough paint. There’s nothing worse than having to drive to the paint store halfway through decorating.

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